Massachusetts Printer Insurance

Printers and publisher are exposed to a number of unique risks that are associated with the caustic chemical, high tech equipment and machinery that they use to perform their job each day. In addition, the must also meet the high expectations of their customers and deal with the typical risks of all businesses, such as loss of important records and work site damages. For this reason, it is important to make certain your business is adequately protected by the best Publishers Insurance available.

Printing Business Owners Policy

At the very least, a publishing or printing business will need to invest in a business owners policy. This will provide your business with protection that is similar to the way your Homeowners Insurance policy protects your house and your personal belongings.

A business owners policy combines important coverage types, such as business property insurance, business liability insurance and business income insurance. This makes it possible for the policyholder to save money while protecting the business that they have worked so hard to create. In addition, you will also be able to invest in additional types of coverage that is specialized to meet the needs of your printing business.

Whether you lease or own the property that houses your printing business, it is crucial to your everyday operations. Regardless of your carefulness, unanticipated disasters like vandalism or fire happens. The property coverage that is included in a business owner policy for printers and publishers can be enough to turn a major catastrophe into nothing more than a minor glitch.

Even the most careful printers are at risk of being sued in today's litigious world. Even if the outcome is favorable, the cost of your legal defense can be extensive. With the right liability coverage included in your insurance policy, you will be protected against the high cost of claims.

In addition to the property coverage and liability coverage that is included in the business owners policy for printers and publishers, Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency can include business interruption coverage as well. This type of Printer Insurance will help with the income that is lost when you are not able to continue with business operations for some time following an insured event.

The Importance Of Liability Coverage For Printers

A printing company offers a wide variety of services, which means you have a considerable amount of responsibilities. Therefore, it is crucial that you have the right liability coverage included in your Publishers Insurance policy.

Each time a customer enters your store to make a purchase or inquire about services, you are at risk of them suffering some kind of accident while on your property. Whether it is a slippery sidewalk or a loose rug, if a customer is injured on your premises, you are responsible for the cost of their medical care. That is where the bodily injury coverage included in your liability insurance policy comes in to help. It will prevent you from financial difficulties when something like this happens.

In some cases, it is not the customers body, but instead their property that is damaged. For example, your sign may come loose on a windy day and fall on top of their vehicle that is parked in your lot. The property damage coverage of your liability policy will pay for any necessary repairs and replacements for which you can be held accountable.

As a printer or publisher, you may offer specialized services and ready-made products. When a product or service that you sell causes physical harm to the customer or causes property damage, they may decide to take legal action against your company. Fortunately, you will be protected by the product liability or completed operations insurance that is a feature of your liability insurance.

The liability portion of your insurance policy will also provide you with coverage against claims of advertising or personal injury. This includes claims of defamation, libel and slander to name a few. It may be associated with the unauthorized use of logos or improper photo releases among other incidents.

Additional Coverage Options

The aforementioned types of coverage may be the most common included in Printer Insurance policies, yet they are not the only ones available. You may want to consider including other types of coverage, such as:

The Publishers Insurance package that you need to protect your company does not have to be incredibly expensive. Click on the quote request button now for a cost-effective solution to your coverage needs. You will receive a risk free quote with prices so affordable for customized coverage that you will be amazed. Do not wait until it is too late to make sure your printing company is fully protected. Act now.