Massachusetts Home Inspector Insurance

Home inspection has become a vital component in the decision making process before purchasing a new home or a seasoned home. The homeowner wants peace of mind with Homeowners Insurance and knowing that the home being purchased is free of potential hazards. The homeowner or business owner is counting on you for that watchful eye, your expertise, security, and comfort that they are making the right decision.

With a Home Inspector Insurance Policy from Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency, you will have the confidence that you and your business is protected. You too can have the same peace of mind and confidence knowing that you will have great protection behind you. The security and confidence this protection provides goes a long way for both you and your customer. General Liability for the Home Inspector is a must to cover property damage and also if a person or client becomes injured.

Everyone feels a sense of confidence when there is protection plan working behind them. There are many elements to contend with here in Massachusetts that compound the Home Inspection Trade. Old homes, New England weather, duplexes, three and more family houses, the hazards here are abundant! Did you ever think that you could be liable just while you are performing your job? What if you were up on a ladder inspecting windows, the calking, and the trim and a tool slipped, damaging someone's property or struck a person? Or the ladder you just came down off of and left, just for a moment, topples over and causes property damage? It happens!

Home Inspection Insurance And Errors & Omissions:

At times, even though every effort was made to perform to the best of your abilities you can't always avoid a mistake. Sometimes losses just can't be avoided or predicted, therefore, purchasing the appropriate policy or policies, is a sensible way to manage your company's risk. Home Inspectors are just like other professionals. Even though every effort has been made to perform the most comprehensive building or home inspection, law suits still can be filed against your work. An Errors and Omissions addition for your Home Inspector Insurance policy is just as important and vital should be added to your company's protection plan. The E & O policy can be placed along side and with your general liability policy. Having the two of these together is the best way to avoid any holes or gaps in coverage.

Tools, Van, Equipment And Truck Coverage:

We can also cover the tools of the trade and your equipment that you use in your business. Not only can we protect your liability, we can provide the same protection for your vehicles, business property, employees and workers compensation.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency: Your Home Inspection Insurance Experts

This is your business and you are the one who is bravely taking the risk and putting it all on the line. Don't let a mistake jeopardize your Home Inspection Company. Let the team at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency protect your company, it's assets and quite possibly your future and beyond!

Our team of professionals have been protecting Massachusetts businesses and entrepreneurs just like you since 1847! Even though every effort is made to try and avoid accidents or mistakes, unfortunately, sometimes they just happen. So please don't wait, be prepared for life's misfortunes - let our team of professionals protect what is most important for you with a Home Inspection Insurance policy tailored to your needs.

For over 166 years we have provided insurance protection that our clients rely on, all backed by our professional service team.

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