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Protect What Matters To You Most: You And Your Family

Let’s imagine your spouse has life insurance through their employer. The amount is three times their annual salary which comes out to $180,000.

However, your spouse just lost their job. And along with the job, the insurance disappeared too.  Now you have no life insurance while your spouse seeks employment. Plus, what nags you the most is that you know life insurance might not be offered as a benefit at another job.

Now imagine how vulnerable your family would be if the unthinkable happened while you had no life insurance protecting them.  Without any support, that could potentially leave your family’s life in ruins.

  Taunton Massachusetts Life Insurance Outside of Work

That’s why you need dependable life insurance outside of the workplace that you can count on. The expertise of the insurance professionals at Allan M. Walker Insurance Services will help your family get this valuable protection.

We can bring into focus what you need to shelter your loved ones against the sometimes untimely and unfortunate happenings of life.

MA Life Insurance Types

There are two main types of life insurance to consider:

  • Term Life Insurance- This type is temporary. It provides a death benefit if the policy holder passes away during the set policy term—usually anywhere from five to thirty years.
  • Permanent Life Insurance- This type last your entire life. In addition to a death benefit, this insurance builds up cash reserves that can be accessed by the policy holder as a loan.  It can also be given to you for its cash value.
Allan M. Walker- Long Time Taunton, Massachusetts Insurance Veteran

Do you want to protect the well-being of your family in case of an untimely tragedy?

Then talk with our expert life insurance professionals to see how you can customize life insurance to fit you and your family’s needs.  Let’s make sure you and your loved ones are prepared for any unexpected accidents.

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