Westport Home Insurance

It was not long ago that we really did not have to worry too much about our Home Insurance.

Now we hear terms such as "The Pool", "Surplus Lines" "The Fair Plan". In the past few years we have seen Insurance companies leave the state or they just won't write Homeowners Insurance on or near the water anymore.

Just miles away from home hurricanes have been knocking on our coast, and storms like Irene were dumping tons of rain. There may be things that you are just not covered for, you may think you are but are not!

We all know that a good policy will cover many things such as your property, workshops, pools, liability, your personal belongings and even medical expenses. However did you know in the last few years if all you did was "renew your policy as is" you probably missed a few major changes to your Home Owners Insurance policy!

What kind of deductibles do you have? There have been some big changes here.

  • Standard deductibles
  • Wind deductibles
  • Storm deductibles
  • Named storm deductibles

Do you know what kind you have and were the differences explained to you?

Our team at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency knows the difference and you will also after talking with one of our team members.

We will help you be clear on what type of house insurance you have. Some exclusions that you need to be aware of within the Home Insurance policy is that there is no coverage for earthquake as well as flood. There are several limitations on a Westport homeowners policy that include jewelry, coins and collectibles. They are covered but for how much?

When it comes time for Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency to quote your Homeowners Insurance we will take the time to ask you questions. As some of the ads on TV say "15 minutes or less" ,I will be honest with you and right up front now we will take a little more than that. Your home is probably one of your most valued investments and we will take the time to listen to you.

Protect Your Family, Your Home And Your Investment

After a loss it is too late to wish you had called before. We cannot control the weather in New England however we can manage how we are prepared for some of life's misfortunes. Avoiding accidents is not promised to anyone so don't delay complete the protection savings form now!

We have protected the residents and business of Westport since 1847. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right protection.

There are many many discounts available to you and we have several Home Owners Insurance companies to research the best fit for you as well as price.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also writes Taunton Homeowners Insurance, Norton Home Owners Insurance and insurance throughout all of Massachusetts!

Just Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Protection Is Our Business ~ Service Our Product