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What You Need To Know BEFORE You Purchase A Homeowners Insurance Policy!

Insurance Lingo:

  • Your Dwelling. This is the actual structure that your home is made of including items that are permanently attached to the walls or floors. Such as the carpets and your cabinetry.
  • Your Contents. This covers all your personal belongings. Such as clothing, electronics, furniture, and appliances.
  • Attached & Detached Structures on your property. Such as garages, pool houses, sheds, decks, or a garden shed.
  • Additional Living Expenses. If you must leave your home as a result of a covered loss such as a fire, this coverage will pay for that expense.
  • Liability. The Home Insurance policy will also protect you for loss that you are found liable for which may happen on your property.
  • Medical expenses are included as well for others who may become injured while on your property.
  • Other covered "perils" or events that your Home Owners Insurance will cover are smoke, fire, lightning, *windstorm, hail, theft vandalism, falling objects, freezing of pipes.

Your Homeowners Insurance Does Cover A Lot, BUT NOT EVERYTHING!

Even though your policy can cover many losses there are still other events that you need to consider. Being so close to the water you may need a flood policy. A loss caused by flood is one of the exclusions found on a homeowners policy. Earthquake is another exclusion and even though we are not used to earthquakes here in the north east we have felt tremors from earthquakes not too long ago. Intentional acts to your home, war and terrorism are some other ones you will find as well.

Do You Work From Home? Has That Spare Room Become Your Home Business Office?

Chances Are You Are NOT Covered

Because most Home Insurance policies exclude business equipment and property. Being your own boss and working from home is a great feeling. Your making it happen your way and on your schedule however should a loss happen those work supplies, work orders and stock that is stored there could be excluded.

At the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we look forward to knowing who you really are and what you are all about. We will take the time to inquire to what is going on in your life and listen to what you have to say. That roof over your head is protection for your family and if you do work at home it is protection for your business as well. The good news is that our Team can help you be protected in all areas home and business. We will help you do it properly so there will not be any surprises in the event of a loss, because during and after a loss is not the time to find out how your policy works.

Deductibles: What You Need To Be Aware Of

The term deductible can affect your Somerset Home Owners Insurance in many different ways. Hurricanes like Sandy and Irene are coming closer and closer to the north east. We are starting to see and feel the effects of these "super" storms. Do you know if you have a "regular deductible" or a "named storm deductible" or even a "wind loss deductible" ? If you do not know the difference I suggest you call one of our insurance professionals. We know the difference and you should as well.

That roof over your head protects many things, one of your biggest investments, your home, maybe even your business and most important of all -- Your Family.

We try to take all the precautions and make preparations as much as we can and sometimes these storms and accidents just get the better of us. So please don't wait to be as prepared as you can be for what life and mother nature has to throw at us. Complete the protection savings form NOW and let the Team at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency listen to what YOU have to say. Lets make a plan together to protect what matters most to you.

Beyond Somerset, Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also writes Dartmouth Homeowners Insurance, Mattapoisett Home Owners Insurance and insurance throughout all of Massachusetts!

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