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"Surprise!" Not What You Want To Hear...

Or, "When Did That Change?"

The past few years have brought many changes to the Home Insurance policy. With super storms like Sandy and Irene causing wide spread damage, deductibles now have a new meaning within the policy. What once was just a standard or regular deductible all has been changed. Because of Irene, Sandy and hurricanes "new" deductibles have been placed on the Property Insurance policy. Deductibles are now activated along with the weather. You may have a "named storm deductible" such as "Sandy", or "wind deductible", or a percentage amount deductible of 2%, 3% or even 4%. The team of insurance specialists at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency know the differences, after a loss is not the time to be surprised that a new deductible has been placed on your policy by the insurance company. These deductibles will have a direct impact on what you may have to pay out of your pocket. Please contact us today to learn more about when and how these deductibles are activated.

"Am I Required To Have Homeowners Insurance If I Own A Home?"

The quick answer to this question is no you do not have to Property Insurance protection. It is very dicey to assume all of the risk yourself on a home. Unless you are in a position to be able to replace your home just the way it is after a total loss, then your alternative is the protection of an insurance policy. If you have a mortgage on your home most likely it will be required to have insurance protection in place.

The homeowner's policy is a very comprehensive insurance policy that provides many areas of protection. The six main coverages of a Home Owners Insurance policy are as follows:

  1. Coverage A for the dwelling - home structure
  2. Coverage B for attached and detached structures. Such as a garage, a shed, deck, or pool house.
  3. Coverage C for the protection of your personal property or contents. The TV's, furniture, clothing, electronics and appliances ect.
  4. Coverage D for additional living costs or expenses that you have as a result of a covered loss.Such as a fire and you had to be out of your home while repairs are being done.
  5. Coverage E is your personal liability coverage. This will protect you for injuries that happen in your home that you are liable for.
  6. Coverage F medical payments. This coverage is for people who may become injured on your property

No you do not have to have Property Insurance, but it is very risky to give up all this protection for probably one of your biggest financial investments. Contact an insurance professional today, to create a protection plan just for you. Every Home Insurance policy comes with limitations and exclusions. This is also something that you need to be aware of.

There are many homeowners, and you may be one of them, that collect or have had a family item passed on down to them. There are several other coverages included inside the homeowners policy. For instance, gold, silver, silverware, stamps, coins, coin collections, cash, antiques and guns are covered up to a certain limit. Please check your policy for your limitations or stop by and we will review these coverages with you. At the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we want to take the time to get to know you. We will take the time to ask you questions, we would like to hear what is important you. Our pride is in the service that our team and agency provides, we are here to help and listen to what you have to say!

Exemptions In Your Policy

As comprehensive and extensive as a Norton Homeowners Insurance policy can be there are still some coverages that are not included. Some of the biggest exclusions found are war, terrorism, flood, earthquake and intentional acts on your home.

Your home can be protected from flood, however a separate flood policy must be purchased. The premium all depends on where the home is situated.The closer the home is to the ocean, bay, river and even lake can affect the premium. Most importantly! Please note that a flood policy has a 30 day waiting period BEFORE it can go into effect. Did you know that when Irene passed through here, that over 9 inches of rain fell in our area? This brought on major flooding and water levels rose to new heights never seen before. Our team can help you with flood insurance questions and flood protection.

Earthquake is also excluded under the homeowners policy. Ahh, good ol' New England! As if the weather was not enough, did you know that New England also has a major earthquake fault running right through or underneath us? It is true! We have had our share of tremors and felt the ground shake. This coverage can be added to your homeowner's policy by endorsement.

How To Lower Your Property Insurance Cost

There are many ways to lower your Home Owners Insurance premium. By talking with an insurance professional at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency, we can help you save your money. Discounts and credits are available to help reduce your premium today. Just by combing your Car Insurance with your homeowner's policy will boost your savings to 15% just to start! We have many more options and companies to drive that premium down, contact us today to compare and start your savings now!

Too many times homeowners find a change or a surprise at the time of a loss. That is not the time to hear your deductible has changed or find out what you thought was covered was not. Our family run agency has been doing this now for over 166 years in Norton and all throughout Bristol County.

We have protected local residents and business since 1847. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right Insurance. Contact Our Team Today!

We also write Lakeville Homeowners Insurance, Fall River Home Owners Insurance, and additional coverages throughout all of Massachusetts.

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