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Homeowners Insurance Facts You Need To Know!

Home Insurance policies now have several type of deductibles. Standard, wind, percentage, named storm and hurricane deductible are just a few! Do you know what kind of deductibles are on your policy?

The team of insurance professionals at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency know the difference between all deductible types, as well as how and when each deductible will be activated and how it impacts you. If you are not sure on how these deductibles work, or your not sure what type and how many you have, please contact our Home Owners Insurance team. We know the difference and we can help, please give us a call today at 508-824-5875.

Limitations And Exclusions

Every policy comes with limitations and exclusions. Some of the most common exclusions found on a homeowner's policy are war, terrorism, earthquake, flood and intentional acts. Did you know that the North East has a major fault line running right through us? It's true! However earthquake is excluded and there is No coverage for this event. Earthquake protection can be added on to your home policy.

Flood is another "peril" or event that is not covered by a standard Homeowner's policy. Not to long ago Irene dropped 9 inches of rain over parts of the north east, causing more flooding and bringing water levels to new heights that we have never seen before. The majority of these losses were not protected under a regular policy. A homeowner can protect themselves from a flood loss by securing a flood policy to do so. One thing to keep in mind is that when a flood policy is ordered it takes thirty days for it to go into effect.

Limitations! What You Need To Know

Your North Attleboro Homeowners Insurance policy does provide quite a bit of coverage. Your home, our personal belongings, liability and even medical payments. Even so, there are policy limitations. Items such as stamps, cash, gold, silver, silverware, coins, coin collections, antiques and guns. All have a limited amount of coverage although all of these items can be fully protected either by their own policy or by adding a "rider" on to your homeowners policy for that added protection. Should you have a collection of a certain item of interest to you it's best to have a conversation with one of the insurance specialists at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency. We will take the time to listen to what concerns you the most.

"I Work From Home, Is My Home Business Protected?

Working from home is great thing! The spare room was just transformed into a home office. Your office is now loaded with office supplies, work orders, stock, office equipment and furniture. You are ready for action and even work orders are rolling in. This is great up until you have a loss at home. The Home Insurance policy usually excludes a home business, everything that you worked for and built may be lost due to this exclusion. This is why it is important to us at Allan Walker to get to know you and what is key in your world.

The roof over your head covers a lot more than it used to. That roof protects your family, one of your biggest investments, and now quite possibly your business. Yes we will take longer than fifteen minuets, like some other companies say, however, when we talk with you we want to get to know you. We will take the time to ask you questions and listen to what you have to say so we can do our job protecting you.

Protection is meaningless after the accident. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

We also write Fairhaven Homeowners Insurance, Marion Home Owners Insurance and coverages throughout all of Massachusetts.

The Allan M Walker Agency has been protecting the residents of North Attleboro for over a 166 years! We know the area. We know how to protect the you with the right insurance protection.

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