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Homeowners Insurance Cost Taking You Out To Sea?

New Bedford Home InsuranceIf you have seen your Home Insurance cost rise like the tides, you may be relieved to hear that there are many ways to keep your costs down. You may be aware that most policies provide six main protection areas:

  1. Your house, the structure, what it is made of
  2. All of your personal belongings: clothing, contents, electronics, tables, chairs, TV's etc etc.
  3. Attached and detached structures such as garages, pool houses, sheds, garden sheds, dog kennels and decks
  4. Living expense coverage, if you are driven out of your home as a result of a covered loss. For example, this may be the cost to live elsewhere because of a fire
  5. Personal liability coverage
  6. Medical expenses for others who may become injured while on your property

Standard Home Owners Insurance May Still Leave You Vulnerable

With everything that a policy will cover, there are still important coverages that are not included. Earthquake coverage is not included on a Homeowners Insurance policy and did you know that the east coast has a major fault line running right through us? Flood is also another coverage that is excluded. All we have to do is think of all of the rain that came down during hurricane Irene. She blasted the whole area with water levels we have never seen before. These are just a couple of important coverages to consider that are not included and there are more.

At Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we look forward to getting to know you and what your concerns are. What keeps you up at night? Our team of professionals are here to listen to what is important to you. We have many ways to reduce your Home Insurance premium and this is why we take the the time to simply ask.

What About My Home Business?

If you work out of your home or that spare room down the hallway just became your office or storage room. There is a good possibility that all of your supplies or stock has been excluded from your policy. This is why we take the time to ask! Let one of our professional team members help you protect the roof over your family and your business.

Why wait? Get your free quote today and find out how much you could save!

Home Owners Insurance: Our Business And Our Heritage

1847 is the year the City of New Bedford became Incorporated and this is also the year that the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency was established. Ever since then we have been protecting the homes of the hard working people within our cities. Our insurance programs protected the fishermen, farmers, store owners, silversmiths, and all who worked and lived together as a community. Just as it was back in the whaling days it is still true today, our team is here to protect you.

You know near misses like hurricane Sandy and major rain storms like Irene are getting closer all the time. We can't guarantee avoiding accidents as they happen all the time because they are just that accidents. However we can help to be prepared for what life has to throw at us and life's misfortunes.

Complete the protection savings form now, and let our team listen to what it is that's important to you for your family and your home.

Beyond New Bedford, Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also offers Raynham Homeowners Insurance and Dighton Home Owners Insurance, and services residents throughout the state of Massachusetts!

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Protection is Our Business ~ Service Our Product