Mattapoisett Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Mattapoisett MAThe Wampanoag Indians described the harbor and surrounding areas as "Mattapoisett, a place for rest" With an area of 23 square miles, our town has many options for the homeowner. Whether you live on or near the beach or just off of Route six nestled in one of the wooded neighborhoods Home Insurance can be a challenge.

We have all heard these words Fair Plan or I am in a Pool for insurance because of my home location. We are here to help, your Homeowners Insurance policy is the sort of protection that can be tailored to your needs. On the Beach or off the beach we have a solution for you.

Protection For Your Family, Your Investment While Providing Peace Of Mind

Not all Home Owners Insurance policies are alike. There are inexpensive policies out there on the market today however they may only cover your assets at a minimum with just a basic policy. When we quote your homeowners policy we will provide a full replacement cost valuation so we can better protect you.

In our area we need to be clear on what is covered and what is not. Home Insurance policies have limitations and exclusions. Coverage's such as earthquakes and floods are excluded from the policy, and different deductibles for wind and "named storms" that howl up our coast from time to time can be tremendous.

You May Think You're Covered, But You May Not Be...

What about my Home Business?

Depending on what goes on in your home business there is a great chance that your business may not be covered under your current Homeowners Insurance policy right now!

This is why we at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency will spend more than 15 minutes and not less, asking you questions so we can understand what you would like to protect through your policy.

What else has limitations? Other items such as jewelry, coins, and collectibles. They are covered items but only for a certain amount. If you have a collection of value you and would like to protect them fully you would need an appraisal to go along with your collection. A small premium is all it takes to protect them fully. Ask one of our Team members how to do this properly within your insurance coverage.

Does Your Home Owners Insurance Policy Protect Your Family, Your Home and Your Investment?

A Good insurance policy will cover:

  • Your Home
  • Detached & Attached Structures (workshops, pool houses, detached garage, dog kennels, garden sheds, decks)
  • Your Personal Belongings (in other words all of your stuff, clothing,electronics, tables, chairs, TV's, etc)
  • Living Expenses (should you have to live away from your home while it is being repaired for a covered loss)
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Expenses (to others who may be injured on your property)

Protection is meaningless after a loss. And think of it. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

At Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we have protected the residents and business of Mattapoisett since 1847. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you.

Avoiding accidents is not promised to you or anyone else. So, don't delay. Be prepared for life's misfortunes. Complete the Protection Savings Form now and let our professionals forge a blanket of protection over you.

There are many discounts available to you and we have several insurance companies to research the best fit and price just for you.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also writes Swansea Homeowners Insurance, Westport Home Owners Insurance and insurance throughout all of Massachusetts!

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