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Did you know that, yes, most homeowners polices similar but they are far from being all the same! There have been many changes in the Home Insurance industry over the past few years. People can not find coverage for their homes on lakes and beaches. We are now hearing the words Fair Plan or pool for some homes that at times are not even near water!

The recent brush with storms like Sandy, Irene, and no name storms have also had an impact on deductibles. Have you looked at your policy lately or had agency like ours check it over for you? Let us tell you what has been going on with deductibles since these storms passed us by.

Deductibles on Homeowners Insurance policies have multiplied.

There are now several types of deductibles built right in to just about EVERY homeowners. Regular deductibles, named storm deductible, hurricane deductible, and wind deductibles. These terms are something you should be familiar with because after a storm does come and go. After the "event" is not the time to find out what deductible was triggered on your policy and why. Talk to one of the team members at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency. We all know the difference and we would be happy to explain them to you so you're informed as well.

What Else Is Included On A Home Owners Insurance Policy?

Most Home Insurance protection starts with six basic coverages:

  1. Protection for your dwelling.
  2. Protection for attached and unattached structures. Such as a garage, deck, pool house, shed
  3. Living expenses protection. Should you be displaced from your home because of a covered loss you will find protection here.
  4. Protection for personal liability. In a case where you are found liable for an incident that happened on your property
  5. Medical Payments. This is for a guest or another person who may become injured while on your property
  6. Personal Belongings or all your "contents". This is all your clothing, appliances, TV's, furniture and items within your home.

A Freetown Homeowners Insurance policy provides excellent protection against just about everything. However it does have exclusions, things it will not provide protection for and limitations. Limitations in coverage to certain items such as cash, gold, silver, silverware, collections, antiques, cameras and guns are most common. If you do own a certain valuable collection, or your hobby is collecting unique items chances are they will have limited coverage under the homeowners policy.

Did you know Hurricane Irene dumped close to 9 inches of rain in some parts of our state?

True! This is why Irene is now a top ten storm in our area...

The Home Owners Insurance policy also has exclusions. For instance war, terrorism. intentional acts on your home, earthquake, (even though Massachusetts has a major earthquake fault running right through us!) and flood. A flood most of the time does not even happen are a body of water. It is in storms like Irene where you seen floods all over the place. 9 inches of rain has to go somewhere! This when we have flooding like we have never seen before. Flood is excluded under the homeowners policy.

Flood and earthquake can be insured for you just need to add an endorsement or add a policy to your protection plan.

Please note that there is a 30 day waiting period to obtain a flood policy. Please plan ahead of the next super storm.

Please take the time to fill out the protection savings form NOW. We have been protecting homes in the Freetown area since 1847 over 166 years ago. We are dedicated local people who care and want to Listen to what you have to say, we want to know what is important to you.

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