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Are you protected?

Irene, Hurricane Sandy, Nemo, Nor'easter's, No Name Storms or just plain New England Weather...

We all have a pretty good idea on what a typical homeowners protection should have.

Coverage for:

  • Your structure, the material it is made of such as wood, brick and other components
  • Of course all of your personal belongings , but NOTE there are limits in some areas
  • A garage is covered, (however is it used in business?) as well as sheds, garden houses, dog kennels.
  • Personal liability
  • Medical expenses

These are just a few items protected on your Home Insurance.

Hey this is Great but do you know you are NOT covered for some major natural disasters? Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover you for flood or earthquake! Just think of all the rain that just was dropped on our region with hurricanes Irene and Sandy. We had more water flood in the Fall River area like we have not seen in over a 100 years.Streets and homes that were "completely dry were being rushed by torrents of water from Hurricane Irene.

Just recently earthquakes were felt in Fall River and also throughout New England. Did you know that a major earthquake fault runs right through New England? Earthquake like flood is excluded on your Home Owners Insurance policy however we can show you how to include that protection as part of your plan.

Are You Operating A Home Business? Do You Work From Home?

It's a great feeling being the boss and working from home suits you just fine! Your proud of all the work you did to transform that spare room into your new office. Finally a place to conduct business your way and and an area to store all of your supplies.

Did you know there is very good possibility that all you have stored in your home business and those deliveries that are just about to go out, are excluded from coverage under your Home Insurance policy?! That's right: most home policies exclude business property!

At the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we look forward to getting to know you. This why we take the time to ask you what IS going on in your life. We take the time to listen to what is important to you. A home is not just a home anymore it is much more than that.

That roof over your head may not only protect your family from the elements it may be trying to protect your business also.

Our team of professionals are here to help you understand. Our team members are not an 800 number we are real people here waiting to talk and listen to you to hear what matters the most.

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We have been at this for over 166 years now!

You know, we have been fortunate over the past few years. Sandy just missed us and Irene blasted us with a tremendous amount of wind and rain. Storms like these are getting closer and closer to our homes and business's. We cannot guarantee avoiding accidents because that is just what they are accidents. However our team can help to prepare for what life and the New England Weather has to throw our way.

Complete the protection savings form now and let one of our team members talk with you. We will listen to what is important to YOU and your family and offer you protection solutions.

Beyond great Homeowners Insurance coverage in Fall River, Allan. M Walker Insurance Agency also offers Mansfield Home Owners Insurance and Middleboro Homeowners Insurance, and services residents throughout the state of Massachusetts!

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