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A typical New England day can bring many surprises! Just step outside and wait a minute, the weather can be completely different. A surprise is not what you want to discover within your Home Insurance protection. Did you know that since the super storms Irene and Sandy have passed through our region there have been several deductible changes? Holy Molly there sure have been!

We all have a pretty good idea on how deductibles work. The deductible is the amount of money you would pay out of pocket for a covered loss. As a result of storms like these, "new" deductibles have been worked into your policy. What was once just a standard or regular deductible now has become several different types within one Property Insurance policy.

For instance there are now: wind storm deductibles, named storm deductibles, hurricane deductibles and even percentage type deductibles where the amounts could be 2%, 3%, 4% and even higher! If this is the first that you are hearing about the "new" deductibles or if you are not sure what the difference are, please call one of our Homeowners Insurance professionals. At the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we know the difference and we want you to be aware of differences also. Because after a loss no one wants to find a surprise that things have changed.

Live In Easton And Work From Home?

Depending on what you do from your home for business, there is a very good possibility that you are not covered. Typically the Home Owners Insurance policy excludes business's that operate from within the home. However, this may not be a problem, you can provide protection for your business operations all you need to do is add an endorsement, a rider or a separate policy.

Consider that spare room that you just transformed into your home office or work area. All of the furniture, office equipment, office supplies, stock and work orders could be lost and not protected if not done properly. Our goal is to get to know you so there are no surprises. Our team will take the time to talk to you, to LISTEN, to what you have to say and what it is that is most important to you. All that time, effort, remodeling and cost needs to be protected, especially if you have clients coming in to your home to conduct business!

"Well Then, What Does My Property Insurance Protect?"

Typically your Home Insurance protection plan is made up of six main features or coverages.

  1. Coverage for your dwelling or home.
  2. Coverage for attached and unattached structures such as a garage, a shed, pool house, deck or garden shed.
  3. Coverage for liability should someone become injured while on your property and the homeowner is found legally liable.
  4. Coverage for medical payments should a person be injured at your property
  5. Coverage for all of your personal belongings or contents. Like TV's , electronics, furniture, clothing and appliances.
  6. Coverage for extra expense should you be displaced out of your home for a covered loss such as a fire.

All homeowner's policies also come with limitations and exclusions. Limitations on the Homeowners Insurance policy can be increased. You just need to have a conversation so we can both understand the best way to provide protection. A few items that have limited coverage would be, cash, guns, gold, silver, silverware, coins and coin collections. Each policy has their own limitations and should be reviewed at least every couple of years.

Some of the most common exclusions that a Property Insurance policy has are, war, terrorism, intentional acts, flood and earthquake. Flood and earthquake can be insured against it just takes an endorsement for earthquake and a separate policy for flood. More and more homeowners in the north east are purchasing earthquake coverage. Recently there have been tremors in our area and as a result there has been a lot of inquires on this protection. It is a fact that we in the north east, do sit on a earthquake fault line running right up through us! On the flood policy, depending on where your home is located will affect the premium. We have the flood maps and the technology to be able to provide you with the proper coverage and cost.

Why consider the Team of Home Owners Insurance professionals at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency? We are all about relationships and service to our clients. Will we take the time to LISTEN and HEAR what it is that keeps you up at night? You can count on it. Our team will ask you questions, important questions so we can understand what is going on in your world. Life changes so fast that we are here to protect that change as it happens. Family protection with Life Insurance, your home business, and Auto Insurance. Our companies offer several discounts to help keep your cost down while your protection stays high.

That roof over your head covers and protects so much more these days, why chance one of the biggest investments that you have made? Contact the team at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency for your protection today. We have been doing this for over 166 years. We are a family business that has made a difference in the protection that we provide.

Beyond Easton, we also write Somerset Homeowners Insurance, Dartmouth Home Owners Insurance, and additional coverages throughout all of Massachusetts.

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