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Your personal Home Insurance protects one of the biggest investments of your life. Lately there have been many natural disasters that have just missed our community. Super storm Sandy, had it turned just a little more towards our coast we would have been in that path of destruction. Hurricane Irene with all of its rain now ranked as a top ten disaster storm. Did you know Flood is NOT covered by Homeowners Insurance?

One of the most important ways to protect your home is to keep your policy updated. The homeowners policy is made up of four basic sections covering your structure, personal belongings, liability, and should the worst happen and you are displaced from your home it will cover you for additional living expenses while you are out of your home.

Where Are The Gaps In Your Home Owners Insurance Policy?

As comprehensive as a homeowners policy can be there are still items and events that are not covered by your Dartmouth Home Insurance policy. Earthquake and Flood Insurance are two items that are NOT covered by a homeowners policy. Also did you know that collectibles, jewelry, and coin collections all have limited coverage however the coverage amounts can be increased by endorsement.

Have a business in your home? Are you covered for that also? Most Homeowners Insurance policies do not cover in-home businesses.

Our team at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency will help you understand what is and what is not protected. Protection after a loss is worthless. We are only one mishap away or one storm away from devastating personal and financial loss.

Avoiding accidents is not promised to you or anyone else. So please don’t delay let our team of professionals help you prepare for life’s misfortunes.

There are many many discounts available to you and we have several Home Owners Insurance companies. Let Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency do research for you. Let us find the best fit for you as well as cost.

Beyond Dartmouth, Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also offers Mattapoisett Homeowners Insurance and Swansea Home Owners Insurance, and services residents throughout the state of Massachusetts!

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