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Facts On "New" Deductibles

We have all heard the terms on the weather channel, a named storm, a hurricane and our very own, the Nor'Easter. Thanks to super storms like Sandy and Irene the world of deductibles has taken on a whole new meaning. The deductible, or the amount of money you have to pay before the insurance company does, has drastically been changed. Your Home Insurance deductible will now come in many different ways. You now may have a regular or standard deductible, or a named storm deductible, which comes in to effect when the weather service declares an "named" storm such as a Sandy. Other new types that also come into play are hurricane or wind deductibles and also percentage type deductibles which could be 2% , 3% 4% and even more!

Do You Know What Is Currently On Your Policy?

If you are not sure on what kind of deductibles that you may have, please contact the Allan M Walker Insurance Agency. Our insurance specialists know the difference and after a loss is no time to find out which one you have. These new deductibles all get activated at different times and you should be aware of when that is. Our team can help you understand the difference and how it will hit home should a loss happen.

Your Achusnet Homeowners Insurance Is Made Up Of 6 Basic Components:

  • Coverage A this is your home, your structure
  • Coverage B This Coverage is for your attached structures or detached structures. Such as a garage, a shed or deck.
  • Coverage C Is the protection of your personal belongings also know as contents.
  • Coverage D Is the portion of your policy that will pay for the extra expense for a covered loss should you be displaced from your home because of that covered loss.
  • Coverage E Will protect you for liability for property damage or for an accident on your property that you are liable for.
  • Coverage F Medical Payments. This will cover guests who may become injured while on your property.

The Home Owners Insurance policy is quite extensive and provides many areas of protection. However it does not cover or protect everything. Every policy does come with limitations and exclusions. some of the most common exclusions that are found are earthquake, flood, war, terrorism and intentional acts on your home.

Did You Know That New England Has A Major Earthquake Fault Line Running Right Through Us?

We do. Even though Earthquake Insurance is excluded on the Homeowner's policy, we can endorse earthquake protection "back on" to provide this protection. We are feeling more and more tremors in our area so this is a good endorsement to consider. Ask one of our professionals for more information on this protection. We are here to help you, to be informed and to be a better insurance consumer.

Flood is also excluded from the homeowners, although a flood policy can be added. Depending on where you live can make a difference on the flood premium. If a home is closer to the ocean, lake or river the premium will reflect that. When hurricane Irene past through not to long ago, she dropped over 9 inches of rain. Water levels reached new heights within hours and not long after that, we witnessed water levels not seen in our lakes, streams, rivers and backyards ever! A flood policy must be bought in addition to your homeowners policy. However please be aware that there is a {30} thirty day waiting period before it goes into effect.

What You Need To Know About Home Insurance Limitations:

Most of us collect something or at least have a few special items tucked away somewhere in our homes. If you have a collection of certain items it is best to have a conversation on how to protect those items that are special to you. A few of these may be stamps, coins, coin collections, gold, silver, silverware, antiques and guns. All of these have some coverage, however if they are of a special interest or value it is worth inquiring about. All of the items listed and more can be protected by there own endorsement or rider within your homeowners policy. At Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency we want to take the time to get to know you and find out what it is that is important to you. We pride ourselves in our customer service, we enjoy taking the time to find out want is special to you.

A Tip On How To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Cost

There are many ways to reduce the cost of your policy. Our Insurance Team has many discounts that we can apply to help lower your cost while providing excellent protection. Combine your auto insurance with your Home Owners Insurance and you can start to save up to 15% right away. Are there more ways to cut your premium and keep more dollars in your pocket? There very well could be! For all of the discount possibilities, please fill out the quote form and one of our insurance specialists will contact you. We want to work with you and earn your business just like we have for over 166 years!

Too many times homeowners find out after a loss that what they though they had in protection they did not. Please do not hesitate to contact us today, let one of our team members help you understand what is and what is not protected by your policy.

Beyond Achusnet, Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency also writes Bridgewater Homeowners Insurance, North Attleboro Home Owners Insurance and insurance throughout all of Massachusetts!

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