Flood Insurance For Taunton Residents

Protect Yourself From Flooding -- It’s More Common Than Fire!

If you were in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in the spring of 2010 then you know a flood can happen anywhere anytime.

Flooding is the most deadly and most common severe weather related disaster that occurs in the United States.

In fact, while most homeowners and renters insure against fire loss, if you’re in a high risk flood area, you stand a 26% chance of flooding over the course of a 30 year mortgage. The same risk from a fire is only 10%.

Flood damage to your home can devastate you financially. According to statistics compiled by the National Flood Insurance Program, just two inches of floodwater can cause about $7,800 worth of damage. According to the same source, the average flood claim is about $33,000.

You may think that flooding will never happen to you. The painful truth is that flooding does happen. Most of the time it happens unexpectedly…Will you be protected in case of an unexpected flood?

Allan M. Walker Insurance Services will help to protect you with the right type of flood insurance for your specific location.

The following building property and contents will be covered at a surprisingly affordable rate:


  • The building and its foundation
  • Central air conditioning, furnaces, and water heaters
  • Plumbing and electrical systems
  • Window blinds
  • Refrigerators, stoves, and built-in appliances
  • Permanent carpeting
  • Permanent paneling, bookcases, and cabinetry
  • Detached garages (up to 10 percent of building property coverage)
  • Debris removal


  • Personal possessions such as electronics, clothing and furniture
  • Microwave ovens and unattached dishwashers
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Washers and dryers
  • Carpets and window coverings not included in the building property coverage
  • Selected valuables such as original artwork and furs (up to certain limits)
  • Freezers including the food stored there
Allan M. Walker Insurance Services—Taunton, Massachusetts Insurance Pros

Do you want the best protection for you and your loved ones in case of flooding?

Then our insurance experts at Allan M. Walker Insurance Services will help you to achieve peace of mind with a comprehensive flood policy.

Complete the Protection Savers Form to get a FREE flood insurance quote. There’s a thirty day delay before flood insurance goes into effect, so act now. The sooner we receive your information, the sooner we will get you the best protection for you and your loved ones.