Condo Insurance

As a condominium owner, you have many benefits but you are also exposed to unique risks. Even though you won't have to cut the grass anymore or shovel that snow filled walkway, you will have a number of policies in force between your personal insurance and the Condominium Master policy. At Allan M. Walker Insurance we can take that confusion away of "where is my coverage"?  An Allan M. Walker Condominium policy can provide protection for you for your:

  • personal property
  • important personal items such as jewelry, fine arts, musical instruments 
  • assessment costs
  • liability  
  • improvements you may have done to your condo

Because there are various policies in place, you need to make sure that you don't overpay for unneeded insurance--already covered by the master policy insurance plan--and that you have extra liability insurance where the master insurance stops.

Your condo is in a communal setting but your condo insurance needs to be individual or your may be paying too much and you probably have great liability risk.

Worried about costs. Don't be--at Allan M. Walker Insurance our condo insurance can be very affordable.

Your Condo insurance is like a suit that needs to be individually tailored: if it's too big then you overpay for what you don't need and if it's too small then you may expose yourself to lawsuits.

Allan M. Walker Condo insurance is available at reasonable rates to anyone who owns property in a development with joint property ownership. It is distinct from homeowner insurance because it works in conjunction with your association's insurance policy.

Here are a few reasons to act now!

  1. It is important for your protection to have your condominium insurance in place before any claims are made--not just from you but also from anyone else on the condominium property.
  2. We can help take the confusion out of where "your" policy provides protection and where the "Master" policy does the same.
  3. Contact us! We are local and we care! Neighbors helping neighbors since 1874
  4. We can provide you with a no-risk quote within a day. Just fill out this short form to get an inexpensive policy that will protect you and your home.