Taunton Classic Car Insurance

Here is one story that pretty much sums up why you do not want a standard or regular auto policy on your classic or collectible:

Oh NO.....CRASH!! True story, my father in-law is a Corvette lover. Driving his classic 1966 red vet convertible, to car show of all places, he was turning to enter the car show grounds when another car (non-classic suv size) slammed into his front end. Thankfully no one was hurt except his precious Corvette. After it was towed away, he was able to have his car repaired back to the way it was because he did carry the right insurance for his classic Corvette. Had he carried a standard Massachusetts auto policy he would have been give actual cash value for his loss. Deprecation on a 1966 classic Corvette in 2005 would have been A LOT! Thankfully we had him insured with a classic policy to avoid what could of been a real disaster. A few weeks later he was back on the road just in time for the local 4th of July parade!

Thank goodness we had him insured with our classic, antique, collectable car insurance company. To insure your classic properly you need Allan M. Walker Insurance Classic Car policy. Not a standard auto policy because you will be missing out BIG should you have a crash. Standard policies will insure you for actual cash value. The actual cash value on a 20,.30, 35 year old or older car based on today's date take all that deprecation  is......well not very much!You would not want this for your baby would you?!

With a Allan M. Walker Classic car insurance policy can insure your baby for what it is worth and not get caught in the ACV trap. You may be eligible for many discounts as well, such as how often you drive your car, where it is stored, your driving record and how many miles you drive per year.

When you insure your classic car with Allan M. Walker Insurance on its own policy, the low cost and the numerous collector features for your classic cars policy will surprise you.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Classic car insurance a smarter choice over a standard car insurance policy.

A few reasons to get started today!

  1. Make sure that before your next car show or even your next drive, you enjoy the safety of full insurance for your car and the peace of mind that it is correctly insured.
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  3. Don't be caught with a policy that will not protect your pride and joy and your investment the right way
  4. We love the Classics ourselves!