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Don't Want To Lose Your Business? Make Sure Your Salon Or Barber Insurance Keeps You Protected!

You are probably here because you own a hair salon or barbershop. And you're looking to see if you need specialized Barber or Salon Insurance, or if there's better protection out there.

If so, then take a look at these three recent events that occurred in the hair industry:

  1. A woman claimed she received three incompetent bleach jobs that caused her hair to break off an inch from her scalp. She sued for $50,000 to compensate for her suffering and to reimburse her for hair extensions.
  2. Kim Vo, hair stylist to Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Goldie Hawn, is the victim of a lawsuit from a client. The suit states that as the client sat under the dryer, the foil in her hair began to smoke. It allegedly burned her scalp, causing injuries. The lawsuit seeks an undisclosed monetary award to cover medical expenses and other damages.
  3. Another celebrity hairdresser, whose clients include Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, has been sued for $124 million for same-sex harassment from four male employees. He has denied the charges.

The hair salon won the first case. The jury didn't feel the facts supported the claim. Even though the salon was a victor, how much do you think the defense cost her? In many cases, that cost alone is enough to bankrupt a business.

The other two cases have not been decided yet but they provide clear examples of how vulnerable your business is to harm.

That's why, if you want to keep your business, you need to make sure you have the right protection. Even celebrity hairdressers aren't immune to these woes so don't leave yourself open to the risk!

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency: Your Local Barber Insurance Specialists

Our insurance professionals at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency know that the best insurance includes three rock-solid insurance protections designed specifically for the salon and barber industry:

  • Professional Liability - to defend you from accusations of negligence, wrong-doing, errors or omissions
  • General Liability - to cover losses resulting from bodily injury, personal injury and slander and false advertising damage among other liabilities. Employee practices liability coverage can also be added.
  • Property - Barbershop and Salon Insurance to protect your establishment and equipment from crisis like fire and theft

Do you want the best protection for your business, employees and valuable assets?

Then talk with our expert insurance professionals at the Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency to see how you can customize your Hair Salon or Barber Shop Insurance to fit your business needs – That way you can be prepared for any unexpected accidents.

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