Massachusetts Liquor Liability Insurance

How To Protect Yourself When Fun Drinking Times Turn Into Nightmares

Did you know that a simple slip-up with regard to Liquor Liability Laws could cause you to lose your business?

Liquor Liability Laws have recently been updated in Massachusetts? It's vital that you stay up to date with the current changes so that you can make sure your business has the right protections. Thankfully, the experts at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency are keeping tabs on things so that you can make sure you're prepared with the right Liquor Liability Insurance policy.

Take a look at how these three real life examples could drastically affect your business and your employees:

  • A group of men parked at one bar then walked to several others before returning to the bar where the car is parked for last call. Subsequently, on the drive home one member of the group is killed while a passenger in the vehicle. Who is responsible? Is it the last bar attended or more than one bar? In this example the last bar and the other bars are being sued.
  • A group of patrons start to argue in a bar and they are asked to leave and disperse the premises. Later that evening, the same group ends up across town at a different bar. Another fight ensues and one of the patrons dies as a result of the fight. Will both bars be sued? Maybe it will be determined that the group was not intoxicated therefore assault & battery coverage would be needed to cover the bar owners. Does your Business Insurance policy include assault & battery coverage?
  • Did you know if you don't have Alcohol Liability Insurance that the bartenders and wait-staff could be sued individually? Imagine a college student or a family member working in a restaurant to earn some extra money, being brought into a lawsuit individually to defend their actions while working at the restaurant.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency: Your Insurance Specialists

Our Liquor Liability Insurance experts will guide you through the maze of new 2010 insurance regulations and requirements regarding liquor liability.

The policies we offer can be discounted and will provide the peace of mind you desire to run your establishment or host a party.

For example:

  • Liquor liability is set at $1 million per person; $1 million per occurrence; $2 million aggregate; all with no deductibles
  • Assault and battery protection can be purchased
  • If managers and servers participate in approved alcohol training programs, policy discounts might apply

Protection is available for bars, stores, restaurants, hotels, wineries, distributors and temporary events.

Do you want the best protection for yourself, your servers and the people you serve drinks to?

Then talk with the insurance professionals at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency to see how you can customize your Massachusetts Alcohol Liability Insurance policy to fit your needs - That way you can be prepared for any unexpected accidents.

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