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Complete Vermont Gun Store Protection

The Allan M Walker Insurance Agency is the premier Gun Shop Insurance agency in New England. Please read on....

Discover The Real Benefits Of Our Vermont Gun Shop Coverage Programs:

All of Our Firearms Business Insurance Protection Plans Protect...

  • Gun Shop, Covered
  • Rod and Gun Club, Covered
  • Rod and Gun Club Clubhouse, Covered
  • Shooting Range, Covered
  • Archery Operation, Covered
  • Gunsmithing Operations, Covered
  • Guided Hunting and Fishing, Covered
  • Renting of Canoe's or Kayak's, Covered
  • Liability, Covered
  • Gun Safety Classes, Covered
  • Property, Covered

As you can see we can protect and encompass many operations and much more while protecting your gun shop. No one wants an accident to happen and for this reason we also think safety comes first. Built-in to our Vermont Gun Store Insurance Program, we also provide loss control services. Together with our partnership with our outdoor specially insurance company, we offer safety loss control solutions. Using service that is included within our retail Firearms Business Insurance in Vermont, we have interactive web based safety programs, There are loss situations that we all can learn from and you can see how it may relate to your business.

This loss control service is just another opportunity or tool if you will, that is here for you to take advantage of to help keep your premium dollars down. Like another round loaded in the chamber this is ready when you are! This is just another advantage that the Vermont Gun Shop Insurance protection plan has to offer you, the owner. It is good for you and great for business!

Proven Benefits!

In today's world in a click of a mouse or few typed "key" words can locate you a lot of information on the internet. Similar to the stock on your shelves, that new pistol, ammunition or hunting rifle that was ordered, it most likely started with a phone conversation or through an e-mail inquiry on line. Our premier Gun Store Insurance in Vermont is really no different. I have an office or "shop" and my companies supply me just like you. My Vermont Firearms Business Insurance program is backed by a company who is rated by AM best A++ Superior. Not only have you hit a bulls-eye of a solid, stable and financially secure company who will back you in the event of a claim.

Big Box Stores: This Is Not For You!

Our innovated Vermont Gun Shop Program was built just for the small to medium, retail Vermont Gun and Firearms Shop Owners. Flexibility was a key ingredient by design as well as convenience. See below:

Yes, we can also protect:

  • Building or buildings
  • Liability
  • Contents
  • Special events operated from your store
  • Special events operated from a Rod & Gun Club
  • Business Income and Extra Expense
  • Gun safety classes
  • Fishing contests
  • Kayak or canoe rentals
  • Gunsmithing, However please take note, we are not looking to cover gunsmithing operations that make weapons fully automatic or modify the barrel assembly.

This Vermont Gun Shop Insurance Program is easy to qualify for! all we need to do is an application either on line or over the phone what ever is easiest for you. I check to be sure you have all of the proper FFL licenses in place and they are up to date. Are you a new Vermont Gun shop owner? No problem we can still offer you this excellent retail gun shop program.

My name is Michael Quinn, President and one of the owners here at the Allan M Walker Insurance Agency, home of the Premier Gun Store Insurance of New England. We are able to specialize in the outdoor recreation industry which includes Firearm Shops and their related business's, such as Rod and Gun Clubs, Clubhouses and Shooting Ranges for the State of Vermont through this program. Our Clients see meaningful reductions to their business expenses and insurance costs.

My "shop" although it is in the insurance business, is just like yours. I am a private business owner working hard for my money and my family. Frankly I don't see why I should pay more to the insurance companies and neither should you!

Allan M Walker Insurance Agency is all about developing long and lasting relationships and seeking innovated companies who still has the Vermont Gun Shop owners in mind when developing new products. Take a shot! You have nothing to lose. We started back in 1847 and we are still here and going strong today.

Please use the Vermont Gun Shop quote button above to get started. It's that easy!

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