New Hampshire Gun Shop Insurance

Great News For Gun Shop Owners In New Hampshire! 

Even If you are Being Non-Renewed!

Our New Hampshire Gun Store Insurance Program offers and opportunity to to quote several Gun Shop Insurance Companies! This means all those long hours you've put in down at the shop just became more profitable for you!

In the recent past, I can not recall a more challenging time for the firearms industry. Our outdoor recreation insurance company developed a Gun Shop Insurance Program targeted just for you. Do you offer gunsmithing in your shop? You see, we have the flexibility to include this in our program, so, no problem, we have you protected with full liability limits. However, we cannot include gunsmithing operations that modify the barrel assembly or operations that make a weapon fully automatic.

Depending on where your shop is located we understand that at times, you being the owner, take part in Trade Shows and Gun Shows. In addition to protecting you while at shows, there are other special events that take place. Such as: fishing contests, archery classes, hunting classes, kayak and canoe rentals, guided hunting and fishing. All of these events are covered and protected by our specialized program for Gun Store Insurance in New Hampshire.

There has been a dramatic rise in people wanting to own Guns and learn all about them through Gun Safety classes. This outdoor recreation Insurance Program has a Professional Liability endorsement for Firearms instructors. Yes we can cover this as well!

Ground-Breaking Innovation

Our New Hampshire Gun Shop Insurance Program was built just for the retail firearm store. This firearms insurance program is not available to the big box stores or the chain stores. As this program developed, it was made with the emphasis to cover the functions of the retail store while offering great protection.

Protection for:

  • Building
  • Liability
  • Contents
  • Trucks
  • Automobiles
  • Non-owned and hired car coverage
  • Special events
  • Business income and extra expense
  • Gun safety classes
  • Kayak and canoe rentals
  • Fishing contests
  • Gunsmithing (however we will not cover operations that make weapons fully automatic or modify the barrel assembly)

The New Hampshire Gun Store Insurance Program is so flexible that we can include Shooting Ranges, Rod and Gun Clubs (including the clubhouse), and Archery operations as well.

The reason we can offer such an expansive Gun Related Business and Firearms Program is we have a partnership with our outdoor recreation specialist insurance company. Not only will your retail gun shop have better protection, add in the reduced cost, and experience with savings like many of our other clients do. We've hit the bulls-eye again because this program is back by a A++ Superior AM Best rated company. What does that mean to the Retail Gun Shop Owner? A solid Insurance Company who will be there for you in the event of a claim.

Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency: The Premier Gun Shop Insurance Agency Of New England

My Name is Michael Quinn and I am the President and one of the owners of Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency. Like all small business owners, including me, the reason why we do it, work so hard and put in the long hours, is it's our own shop! Let me show you how I can reduce your cost so you too can enjoy your profits while reducing your expenses.

We understand you work hard, which is why you need to look at our New Hampshire Gun Store Insurance Program. Your hard earned dollars stay right where they should, in your pocket, reinvested in your business, or better yet put away for your future.

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We also insure Gun Shops in the states of: Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Rhode Island.