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Straight to the point! We have you covered:

  • Gun shop? You're Protected
  • Gunsmithing? You're Protected
  • Guided Hunting? You're Protected
  • Guided Fishing? You're Protected
  • Rent our Canoes or Kayaks? No Problem You're Protected
  • Shooting Range? You're Protected
  • Hold Special Events from your Retail Gun Store or Firing Range? You're Protected
  • Liability? You're Protected
  • Property? You're Protected
  • Gun Safety Classes? You're Protected

The Premier Gun Shop Insurance Agency For All Of New England

Proven Savings!

With all of the challenges you have faced within the gun industry, our Gun Store Insurance Specialty program has hit the bull's-eye dead center. We can help place your Gun Store insurance and get you protected  Gun Shop Insurance Program from the Allan M Walker Insurance Agency.

More Reasons Why I Like To Call This The Ultimate Maine Gun Store Insurance Program

Extra Benefits!

Look at what can be combined and included into one Gun Shop, Gunsmithing,and Firearms Program. The Ultimate State of Maine Gun Shop Program also protects property, crime, Inland marine, and excess liability.

Do you have a shooting range or a rod and gun club, including the clubhouse, that needs insurance protection? You're protected! Do you have hunting and fishing guide businesses that operates from your retail gun store? You're protected!

We can also protect your gunsmithing operations. However, we are not looking for the gunsmithing operations that encompass making a weapon fully automatic or an operation that modifies the barrel assembly.

This State of Maine Gun Shop Insurance Program is not open to the big box stores or the chain type stores!

Complete Retail And Maine Gun Store Insurance Protection

Key Benefits besides your store and firearms inventory that are all included in coverage:

  1. Gun Safety Classes
  2. Guiding Operations
  3. Hunting Classes
  4. Special Events, such as Fishing Contests
  5. Archery Classes
  6. Business Income and Extra Expense
  7. Non owned and Hired Car
  8. Kayak and Canoe Rentals
  9. And More!

The Allan M Walker Insurance Agency is all about developing long lasting relationships with all of our clients. Don't let our location bother you our outdoor recreation insurance company is currently doing business through New England and beyond. Think of it, in today's world business owners and new customers start right here on the web. Working together our outdoor specialty insurance company, the goal was to deliver an insurance product for Maine to the small to medium retail gun shop owner. Including firing ranges, rod and gun clubs. I believe that we accomplished that goal to deliver this gun store protection right to you.

My name is Michael Quinn and I am the President and one of the owners here at the Allan M Walker Insurance Agency. Our clients see meaningful reductions in their retail gun shop expenses and insurance costs. I may be in the insurance business, however I am also a private business owner. Like you I put in many long hours.  I work hard like you do for your money and I don't see why anyone should pay more to the insurance companies, AND I am in the business!

We have been in business now for over 170 years and counting. Not only will your business have protection, your firearm shop will have the expertise and backing of a trusted agent, an A++ Insurance rated company by AM Best, best of all you will benefit from extra cash back in your pocket. Give us a try you have nothing to lose.

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