Avoid Crippling Financial Loss For Your Business

Do you know the cost of dealing with an employee lawsuit?

All it takes is a solitary employee accusation to propel your company down the expensive road of defending against a wrongful act allegation. Even claims settled immediately cost an average of $7,500. Plus, the average expense for the 81% of claims settled in hearings or arbitration is $22,000 to $40,000.

Another important aspect of your business that needs to be insured is personal information you may have on employees or customers.

Some states (Massachusetts included) require that if you maintain the social security number; drivers license number; state issued ID card number; financial account number and a credit/debit card number, you must implement a privacy security program or face the consequences. The law on this is the most stringent in the nation.

Five Business Insurance Protections You Must Have

These include:

  1. Workers Compensation - A required insurance that protects your employees from on-the-job injuries
  2. Business Property - Provides protection against perils like theft, vandalism and fire which can damage or cause the loss of a building, contents or equipment
  3. Commercial Auto - Provides protection for vehicles that are damaged while in the course of conducting company business
  4. General Liability - Protects your business, where it is held legally responsible, from claims for a defective product or other liability
  5. EPL (Employment Practices Liability) - Protects your business against claims by individuals who allege that their legal rights as employees of the company have been violated in some way.

Sometimes, the liability and property portions are combined into a package policy which may save you money.

Our Commercial Insurance professionals at Allan M. Walker Insurance Agency will ensure you have all of the coverage you need -- eliminating any dangerous coverage gaps.

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